Onya Blog | 30 Content Ideas for November

30 Content Ideas for November

Picture of Ashley Monk
Ashley Monk
CEO of Onya | Marketing Growth Strategist | Marketing Consultant

30 Content Ideas for November

Picture of Ashley Monk
Ashley Monk
CEO of Onya | Marketing Growth Strategist | Marketing Consultant

We understand finding ideas and keeping them fresh for businesses and individuals can be tricky. Posting content on the regular is both necessary and helpful to continuous engagement from these groups which is why we want to make it easy to keep things new! 

Standing out is possible and we are able to help by looking at some of the top 30 content ideas for this upcoming holiday season and how to best highlight your products (and ultimately convert those sales)! 

10 Reels/Videos

  • An unboxing video showing off your packaging
  • A montage highlighting your product being styled or used.
  • Sharing the inspiration behind your product.
  • Teaching through a tutorial
  • Busting industry myths
  • Telling an interesting story while packaging an order.
  • POV: when your product solves a problem
  • Perspective on a viral reel in your industry
  • Take part in a popular trend and try to incorporate your product.
  • ASMR video of your product being used or made. 

Check out some of our favorites:
American Dream Nut Butter’s Dunk A Spoon Cookie Protein Smoothie
Kelly’s Clean Kitchen Club’s Basics of Cooking Series
Sophia’s Bridal and Tux’s Sample Sale post

10 Carousels/Posts

  • Create a post answering one specific FAQ
  • Holiday Gift Guide
  • Pinpoint a problem your audience is feeling and solve it with your product 
  • Repost a few trending memes and relate them back to your product.
  • Share a helpful chart or graph
  • Post a picture of before and after using your product.
  • Promote a big holiday sale or giveaway
  • A post teaching how to stop doing ___ and start doing/using ___
  • Your product in the wild (on a billboard, in a home, at the movies, etc.)
  • Share inspirational quotes to connect you with and encourage your audience. 

Check out some of our favorites:
Canva’s Album Cover Design Tutorial
Dove’s Holiday Mood Board
Nike’s Everyone Loves an Underdog

10 Stories

  • Record a time-lapse of you running an industry task
  • Share a goal you’ve set
  • Post a testimonial or review
  • Show your audience the excitement behind a new product and link to it
  • Repost from followers using your product 
  • Post weekend plans
  • Talk about a recurring theme (something you like to do personally, believe in, or are known for)
  • Answer questions from your DM’s
  • Do a poll on a trending topic
  • Share a sneak peek of a product/project

With these 30 content ideas, you have an arsenal of creative options to revamp your social media strategy. 

Authenticity, relevance, and providing value to your key audiences should always be at the core of your content. Try and experiment with differing formats and monitor your performance to finetune your approach and see what end-users like best. 

By staying dynamic and responsive, you’ll build a thriving social media presence and forge deeper connections with your followers. Need help with ongoing ideas and strategy? The experts here at Onya would love to help! Connect with us today.