4 Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness

4 Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness

4 Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness

Do customers, investors, and businesses know that you exist? If not, it’s because you don’t have effective brand awareness. 

Effective brand awareness should inform someone about your business such as what you do, why you do it, and who it’s for. Likewise, it will have someone remembering important factors of your business including your logo, color scheme, slogan, history, content, and much more that has to do with your business. 

When you have brand awareness, a customer should have a deeper understanding of what you do, and this is the first step to creating a loyal lifelong customer who will be a catalyst for growing your business. 

When working on your business’ brand awareness, it will give you important information about the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and brand design. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will be a great tool when it comes to growing your business and getting the type of customer engagement you’re looking for. 

Brand partnerships

Throughout the years, you’ve seen many different popular brands partnering with each other. A popular example of this would be GoPro and Redbull, which are two companies that share similar interests and can grow their brand awareness off of each other. When partnering with a brand that shares similar interests or values as your own, you’ll be able to bring your audience to them while they bring a large, possibly more diverse, audience to you. Both parties can benefit from a partnership, including customers interacting with your brand because you partnered with a respected and trusted brand.

Leverage social media

With over 59 percent of the world using social media, it seems like a no-brainer to be marketing your brand on different platforms. But what comes with social media marketing is knowing where your customers are most likely to be, what content they would enjoy, and how you can get them to interact with your content in some way. One way you can do this is by posting about relevant, hot topics. When a customer sees content about what’s trending in the world right now, they’re more likely to interact with that content whether it’s through reposting, liking, or commenting on it. When you’re active on social media by regularly replying to potential customers, you’ll come off as authentic and gain more support. Just like brand partnerships, you can share other brands’ content similar to yours and in turn, they might share your content which will bring in a much wider audience. 

Use referrals

People are more likely to share your business with others if you are a friend. Friend referrals are a great way for people to find out about your business and get a good word in from someone they know and trust. By asking ten of your friends to share your content with four of their friends, you will have forty brand impressions. Smart companies will give an incentive to people that share their company with a friend like how Robinhood, a financial services company, gives you one free stock if you get a friend to make an account on their app. 

Use consistent branding 

When using consistent visual and verbal branding, your business will be easily recognized. Whether it has to do with your logo, colors, fonts, or anything else you should keep it consistent and recognizable for your customer to remember it by. A consistent brand being recognizable is the first and most important step to gaining awareness. 

With these brand awareness tips, you should be able to create a more recognizable brand that people will remember and get them on their way to becoming lifelong customers. Learning the first steps is the most important, and these tips are stepping stones to creating a business that lasts.

 If you need help with growing a successful business or getting more people aware of your company, give us a call and we will help!


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