Ashley Monk

CEO of Onya

  • Ashley is a dynamic person and has a fast-paced approach towards accomplishing tasks.
  • Her communication style is characterized by a straightforwardness geared towards fostering cooperation within the team.
  • The ever-changing nature of digital marketing is what she loves the most about her work as it allows her to put her leadership and strategic skills to the test every day.

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Get to know Ashley

Ashley Monk is the founder & CEO of Onya, an online advertising agency that helps clients reverse engineer their desired results through strategic and innovative outcomes. 

As a Facebook Verified Marketing Partner, contributing writer for Databox and JotForm, in addition to having clients featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post, Ashley helps growth-minded companies who have been unable to scale their services & digital products because they cannot dial in strategy or solve their own marketing problems. Her agency Onya is ranked one of the top 13 marketing agencies in Indianapolis and serves clients internationally.

Ashley takes a strategic and data driven approach to identifying your business’s primary goals and translating them into actionable KPI’s that move the needle. She specializes in helping companies jump through their biggest marketing hurdles,  so that companies that play big can have an even bigger impact.