Which Advertisement Platforms Are Best For a Small Business?

Which Advertisement Platforms Are Best For a Small Business?

Which Advertisement Platforms Are Best For a Small Business?

Diving into the unknown is scary, not knowing where to start or where you might end. It may seem like a gamble to pick just one social media platform to work with. This, along with a minimal background in social media marketing, can make the process of advertising your company seem impossible. 

So we’ve compiled a great list of social media platforms that are sure to give you a boost of knowledge when deciding what platform you want to advertise your business. In this list, we explain why and how these apps will give you the best chance to grow your business and see real progress. 

Facebook and Instagram

Creating an ad on Instagram and Facebook is as easy as creating the ad and choosing what you want it to do such as sales, leads, engagement, etc. With many different Ad creative options, it’s easy to navigate and understand what you’re looking at and the data you get from your ad. With cool features like boost posts and promote posts, you’re able to get your ad up quicker and pushed to more users for a fair price. This app being used by billions of people means that its targeting options are great and you can direct your content to virtually anyone you desire. Due to Instagram and Facebook’s beginner-friendly platforms as well as the number of users on the app, these are obvious advertising platforms that small businesses should be utilizing. 


Along with Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is a great app to advertise your business due to its growing popularity and easy user interface. When using TikTok’s Promote 101 option, you can easily post videos and choose an advertising goal whether it’s to get more views, website views, or even account followers. Another great aspect of TikTok ads is the insights about your content and audience based on your posts. Some metrics you’re able to view include video views, likes, comments, shares, website views, age, and gender of your audience. With a cost-efficient application, you’re able to set a comfortable budget that works for you and can be very beneficial especially if you know that the audience you want is on TikTok. 


While TikTok and Instagram ads are short form and are usually easy to create, YouTube ads are not. YouTube ads are known to be longer video ads and are usually more complex but can target billions of people. With this, you’re able to target your advertisements to certain types of audiences thanks to keywords a user might type in, as well as keep your advertisements away from certain areas and content that you don’t want your brand to be associated with. Along with all this, YouTube ads are a lucrative way to gain an online presence on one of the most popular social media platforms without having to take years of posting videos to gain any recognition. 

With all of this being said, none of these platforms will work without one key factor… a good ad! You could be doing all the right steps like using popular keywords and targeting the right people, but that does virtually nothing if your ad is not intriguing to your audience. Due to social media’s rapid change in culture, it’s not easy to stay up to date with everything going on and make sure your advertisements are up to par with the current state of online social media advertising. Luckily, this is a great first step to growing a social media presence. Pick the app you feel is right for you and your business and start promoting it!

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