Making Social Media Fun Again

As Onya knows and discusses often, social media has become a crucial part of marketing and engaging with customers for most organizations.  However, too often brands get bogged down in trying to be overly promotional or corporate sounding on social platforms. They forget that social media is supposed to be social. Injecting some fun and […]

The Rise of AI Integrated Features on Social Media

While many of us are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots to ask silly questions and generate ridiculous images in our spare time, AI is rapidly being integrated into many of the social media platforms and apps used every day. Major players like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat have all caught on to the intriguing trend […]

10 of Social Media’s Cringiest Tactics To Avoid

Social media is the land of the free and the home of the trendy. While jumping on the bandwagon may seem like fun and games, there are several common pitfalls that folks should steer clear of if they want their organization to remain strong online.  Below, we will discuss these social media issues and why […]

Onya’s 2024 Guide to Mastering Local Rankings

Spring is in full swing as people are once again out and about and….definitely searching for things in their local vicinity.  You know it well because, well, you do it yourself all the time. Whether it’s for a local tourist trying to find the next best wine bar or a local homeowner needing some HVAC […]

The Power of Account-Based Marketing for Your Organization

One interesting trend that’s been catching Onya’s eye lately? Account-Based Marketing (ABM)!  This new area in marketing has emerged as a game-changer for organizations looking to foster meaningful connections with their target audience, especially when dangling bait for larger groups hasn’t gained any traction. This personalized and targeted approach has gained a TON of popularity […]

Building Automation into Social Media Tools—Wise or Risky?

Keeping up with a demanding social media posting schedule is both necessary but can be quite stressful (been there, done that). We know we need to provide content but at what cost? Like many these days, the question has shifted to, “Should we leverage automation?”  With the growing demands of maintaining a strong online presence, […]

One Hour a Day to SkyRocket Your Following on Instagram

“That’s a full-time job” We hear it all the time as a reason people can’t grow on a platform like Instagram. We will never say growing on Instagram is easy. It takes effort and a plan to execute.  But it CAN be done in one hour a day.  Here are some of the ways our […]

6 Things To Do If You’re Stuck in a Posting Rut

Getting stuck in a posting rut happens to the best of us. This feeling is all too familiar (and frustrating) for those of us in an online space. There is no need to panic! Let’s chat about how to revive your social media presence, get back into a sustainable routine, and find joy in posting […]

Social Media Not Working? 5 Key Questions for Optimization

Are your social media efforts not working or delivering as expected? Does each month feel like you fall lower and lower beneath the mark you set for your brand? Is it crickets each time you check your channels?  Truth be told, there are several reasons your content may not be working.  Success on social media […]

Navigating the Storm: A Concise Guide to Effective Crisis Management on Social Media

We all like to go about our day believing the best for our businesses and organizations – hoping and praying all the right marketing efforts will pay off with more clients, more engagement, more inquiries, etc.  But what about when the worst happens? When situations unfold completely outside of marketing strategy? When natural disaster strikes, […]