Gutter Helmet of Central Indiana

Unveil how the Onya team utilized the iconic Sammy Terry to supercharge engagement for Gutter Helmet in just 2 short months through a post-engagement campaign.

Company Profile

Gutter Helmet delivers a better-designed gutter guard, providing homeowners with a reliable solution that eliminates the overall need for frequent cleanings and sometimes costly maintenance. With over 40 years of industry experience, and over 100 million feet of leaf-free gutter guards installed, Gutter Helmet stands out by its commitment to honesty and superior product designs. Homeowners rest assured knowing their homes are protected from damage caused by mold, mildew, and pests with Gutter Helmets leaf-free gutter guards that remain clear with no effort.

Objective & Goals

The ultimate objective of this campaign was to utilize Sammy Terry’s iconic status to increase brand awareness and drive an increase in conversions by encouraging opt-ins for free estimates, ultimately expanding Gutter Helmet’s overall customer base and brand loyalty within their service regions.

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Challenges & Opportunity

Upon partnering with the Onya team, Gutter Helmet faced a hurdle when it came down to persuading their targeted clientele within their operations areas to opt in for a free estimate. Which ultimately underscored a critical challenge within their conversion strategy overall.

However, the recognition of the brand’s association with the iconic Sammy Terry, a cherished figure within the Hoosier community, presented an enticing opportunity for the Onya team to gain the attention of potential clients to drive conversions. Not only was leveraging Sammy Terry’s popularity deemed useful for possible conversions but also anticipated an uptick in engagement and brand awareness within the company’s areas of operation.

The strategy of a beloved character not only facilitated immediate conversions but also paved the way for heightened brand visibility and resonance among Gutter Helmet’s target demographic.


For this campaign, the Onya team crafted a strategy that capitalized on Sammy Terry’s iconic persona and the Halloween theme to drive engagement and conversions effectively. Our approach involved thorough keyword research to inform ad content focused on gutter-related concerns with an added horror element to stick with the theme of Halloween. We developed theatrical video ad concepts, including role-plays of gutter nightmares and stormy weather scenarios, designed to capture the audience’s attention and emphasize the importance of gutter protection with Gutter Helmet. 

Each ad concept was meticulously crafted to incorporate key talking points and visual elements, such as dramatic narrations by Sammy Terry himself and atmospheric audio overlays, to evoke a sense of urgency. Additionally, the use of strategic CTAs prompted viewers to request a free estimate enticing them with limited-time offers. 

Additionally, our strategy included creating multiple ad variations with distinct copywriting styles, infused with spooky themes and exaggerated pain points to engage viewers and drive action. Throughout the campaign, we monitored performance metrics closely, making necessary adjustments as needed to optimize ad delivery and maximize results.

In conclusion, our strategy for the Sammy Terry Conversion campaign revolved around leveraging Sammy Terry’s popularity and the Halloween theme to create captivating ad experiences that resonated with targeted audiences, ultimately driving engagement and conversions effectively.


All in all, the campaign yielded remarkable engagement metrics, despite generating only three conversions. With a total of 140,385 impressions and 43,544 post engagements, the campaign showcased unprecedented levels of audience interaction, surpassing any previous campaigns conducted by our team. This heightened engagement translated into 1,375 link clicks, with an impressive average cost per click (CPC) of $1.41, reflecting the effectiveness of the campaign in driving user interest and interaction.

Furthermore, the campaign achieved a notable click-through rate (CTR) of 0.98%, demonstrating successful ad messaging and audience targeting. While the number of conversions was limited, the campaign’s ability to captivate and engage audiences far exceeded expectations, laying a solid foundation for future marketing endeavors.

The strategic partnership with Sammy Terry proved instrumental in enhancing brand visibility and resonating with the local Indiana community, indicating the potential for similar collaborations in future campaigns. Moving forward, we can utilize these results to continue creating strategies involving influencer partnerships to yield even greater results to increase the likelihood of conversions and maximize an overall ROI.

In conclusion, while the Sammy Terry Conversion Campaign may have generated a modest number of leads, its unparalleled engagement metrics, and strategic insights underscore its significance in driving brand awareness and audience engagement. As we continue to refine our strategies and explore innovative partnerships, we are confident in our ability to leverage these learnings to achieve even greater success in future campaigns.




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