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How to Become the Go-To Brand

Ashley Monk
Ashley Monk
CEO of Onya | Marketing Growth Strategist | Marketing Consultant

How to Become the Go-To Brand

Ashley Monk
Ashley Monk
CEO of Onya | Marketing Growth Strategist | Marketing Consultant

Let’s go ahead and play some word association, shall we? 

When we say smartphone, what comes to mind? Apple perhaps? 

Music Streaming – maybe Spotify? 

That’s because these guys are the big players and have done an incredible job of making their brands known to you. 

However, being top of mind isn’t just for the biggest brands out there. If you’re reading this, you’re likely not a big player for smartphones or music streaming. You’re likely a business trying to become a stand-out in your niche industry. But how do you make that happen? 

You’re probably thinking, “But I’m not a massive brand with a huge budget to use on marketing. How do I make this happen?”

The fact of the matter is: these brands all had to start somewhere. A business doesn’t become a leader in their market overnight. It takes time and a whole lot of focused strategy. It also takes some key tactics that all businesses should be mindful of when building their brand. 

Let’s start with Starbucks: 

They have a very consistent brand experience. Part of the appeal of Starbucks is familiarity. Consistency means the brand becomes more defined in customers’ minds, increasing awareness, which in turn makes the brand more reliable. 

How this applies to you: 

Consistency! Everything your business does can be tailored to be part of your brand. From your logo to your presence on social media. Your goal is to create an identity that your audience feels familiar with them and can relate with. This makes your brand feel more like a trusted partner than a nameless business. 

Let’s Look at Netflix: 

Take a look at the graphic below. When you talk in a language your customers understand, you can easily convey your message. Good design and good copy go hand-in-hand. The copy here wouldn’t have made that much of an impact for the Stranger Things teaser if not for the upside-down text. Netflix is playing on a common theme and recognizable branding. 

Netflix billboard
How this applies to you:

Scratch beyond the surface and compile thorough market research to create a target profile and learn the language of your audience. 

Let’s Wrap It Up with Apple: 

Over the years, Apple has built one of the most loyal followings of any known brand. Their marketing strategies include making customers want to belong to a community that understands their pain points and seeks to simplify with great technology. 

They don’t just mimic audience usability behaviors, they invent it. They ask, follow, watch, and respond to known technology issues that people over the years have had. We all knew we loved listening to music on stereos, walkmans, and on the radio. Apple just made it possible to compile all our favorites onto one single device. And they didn’t stop there! 

How this Applies to You: 

Show your audience you value them and their opinions by building a community. Seek to listen….really listen….to what they are experiencing and innovate. 

  • Respond to their comments and carry on a helpful conversation. 
  • Create programs for referrals to reward them for their input. 
  • Check-in with your current and past clients. What do they love and hate? 
  • Ask open-ended questions in your content. 

All-in-all, It is possible to become a go-to brand in your industry. It takes work, and a lot of humility, but it is possible. If you’re ready to get going and glow up your content, feel free to reach out to our team here at Onya! We would love to help you build a brand strategy that moves mountains!


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