Uncover the impact of Onya's digital marketing strategies on non-profit organizations and churches. Witness how we've supported these entities in fulfilling their mission of building thriving communities through online advertising to strategic consultation. These non-profits amplified their reach and impact, driving meaningful change and community engagement.


Campaign Development

Trader’s point Christian Church

Campaign Development

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Campaign Development

"I would highly recommend their work for someone in the social media ad space."
- Zachary Lockett, Conrad Indianapolis
"They have brought a fresh perspective to our digital marketing efforts and have helped drive conversions and leads to our website."
- Scott Sell, Williams Bros Healthcare
"They were willing to go the extra mile to understand our hiring needs in a highly competitive market."
- Dr. Cortney Baker, Kids Care Home Health
"They have a wonderful team and do great work. We have definitely benefited from using them."
- James Swindle, Price Point Comfort
"Our social media had a great click rate and drove good traffic to the website and social media."
- Jessica Limeberry, Sophia's Bridal & Tux
"As a business owner, I appreciate the communication and consistency that the team at Onya brings! Ashley and her team bring professionalism and innovative ideas to the forefront."
- Kayla Marando, Honor Yoga
"Working with the team was enjoyable, as they were both professional and fun."
- Heartland Church
"They delivered items on time or ahead of schedule and were flexible with any changes we had."
- Rachel Williams, Rochester Christian University
"They have good communication and attention to detail."
- Brian Carriger, Gutter Helmet Indy
"They're incredibly trustworthy and attentive to our specific goals and business needs."
- Department Director, CCU Academy

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