Onya Blog | Instagram Story Ideas for a Week!

Our Top Weekly Instagram Story Ideas

Picture of Ashley Monk
Ashley Monk
CEO of Onya | Marketing Growth Strategist | Marketing Consultant

Our Top Weekly Instagram Story Ideas

Picture of Ashley Monk
Ashley Monk
CEO of Onya | Marketing Growth Strategist | Marketing Consultant

We here at Onya challenge you to make it a priority to show up for your audience on Instagram stories. Why? 

Recent Instagram Stats note that 50% of Instagram users have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing it in stories. Stories not only put you front-and-center in your followers feed, they also humanize your brand by being more informal and offer many opportunities to engage with end-users. 

But how do you know what to talk about on a regular basis? 

We’ve got you covered there. Instagram stories don’t need to be complicated – let them be basic so that you can connect on a deep level. 

Onya Blog | Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Story Ideas

  • Motivational Monday – What gets you out of bed? What keeps you going? 
  • Mission Accomplished – How do you set yourself up for the week? See how your audience does this as well. 
  • Morning Routine – Time stamp your routine. What did you have for breakfast? How do you get awake and moving? 
  • Tuesday Quick Tips – What valuable tips can you share with your audience? 
  • Transformational Tuesday – Share a client case study and how they changed due to your brand. 
  • Transparency – Let go of your perfect image for once and share something real about you or your business. 
  • What I’ve Learned – If you could go back and tell your younger self something, what might it be? 
  • Workspace – Share your work setup and how your brand functions throughout the day. 
  • Wednesday Wellness – What are your healthy habits? How do you prevent burnout? 
  • Thankful for – What are you grateful for? Have you had a win recently you want to share? 
  • Trust the Process – How do you create your product or service? Let people see behind the scenes. 
  • Trending Now – Share a trend in your industry and your thoughts on it. 
  • Free Resources – Share a lead magnet, a free masterclass, or some sort of downloadable content for people to build trust with your brand. 
  • Fun Facts – Have your audience join in your business or industry quiz. 
  • Funday – What does your Friday consist of for you and your employees? How do you unwind? Share what you’re up to. 
  • Sneak Peek – Share how you’re relaxing or what your plans entail. What is your audience up to? Be sure to ask them!
  • Sharing Time – Share your book, restaurant, mindfulness, or recipe recommendations. The sky’s the limit!
  • Saturday Style – What does your attire look like this weekend? How are you making a splash? 
  • Story Time – Grab a glass and share a business story or personal experience that others can learn from. 
  • Self Care – What are your Sunday rituals to prepare for the week? 
  • Say it again – Share a highlight of the past week’s updates that your audience may have missed. 

Save these story ideas and save yourself the time and energy of sitting on Canva scrolling through varying templates before giving up and just resharing the main post you made earlier that day. You CAN make an impact on a daily basis with stories. Which ideas will you try first? 

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