Brand Awareness Campaign

How We Helped This Christian Organization Sell Out Its Summer Camp Experience in 90 Days

Company Profile

BigStuf is a Christian ministry consisting of passionate individuals who love to share their skills, talents, and faith to make a difference in the lives of students. Their mission is to inspire students to live life with Jesus through their summer camp experience. With 35 years of experience in relevant and engaging teaching, inspiring worship, and intentional and immersive environments, Bigstuf is committed to creating the best experience for its students.

BigStuf came to Onya in September 2022 with hopes of expanding their reach to prospective youth pastors and church leaders interested in engaging in their summer camp experience. We recognized they didn’t have a clear marketing strategy to achieve their goals. That is when Onya began strategizing intentional ways to connect with BigStuf’s target audience.

Challenges & Opportunity

When our team analyzed BigStuf’s current marketing efforts, we found that they were executing a strong social media presence with high-quality videography and photography. The gap was the low presence of digital outreach to prospecting youth pastors, resulting in decreased brand awareness, qualified leads, and overall exposure to their target audience. As a student-dominated organization, BigStuf needed to rely on additional efforts alongside their current church leaders sharing their vision through word-of-mouth.

That’s where Onya began taking action. Our team set milestones to expand BigStuf’s summer camp experience and increase student ministry attendance. We knew in order to be successful, we needed to utilize unique messaging strategies that would appeal to qualified youth pastors and student ministries.

Solution & Strategy

When creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that would elevate BigStuf’s digital presence, we worked closely with the client to perform market and competitor research to determine the most effective tactics in order to achieve their goals. We understood that we needed to leverage multiple social media platforms in order to intentionally reach prospective youth pastors. As a result, we began building an email list to attract and nurture the leads for the 2023 summer camp launch. This included writing engaging and informative email copy for the organization to leverage.

The next step was to engage potential new leads through the email list marketing strategy. Onya concluded the best way to reach out to youth pastors was through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It was important to capitalize on creating engaging content that did not feel like ads to the targeted audience. In order to achieve this result, Onya connected BigStuf with an influencer that obtains over 2 million followers to report the ad. Onya assisted in creating and directing the video campaign and launched the ad on all digital platforms.

To optimize results and continue bringing in quality leads for the upcoming summer camp, Onya created an additional ad campaign that would allow BigStuf to gain a list of youth pastors in their off-season. Working closely with the client, we developed a unique value proposition for the organization that positioned them differently from the traditional summer camp experience. Through this updated value proposition, Onya leveraged Facebook and Instagram lead form ads to capture the contact information of quality leads that would be stored in BigStuf’s master email list.




Cost Per Mille


Cost per new subscriber


New leads on the email list in less than 90 days


Summer Camp 2023 Sold Out

As a result, the two campaign types that Onya executed exceeded our client’s expectations. Through the qualified email list of prospective youth pastors, BigStuf was able to reach a full status for Summer Camp 2023, now offering a waitlist for individuals who would like to join. BigStuf continues to inspire students to live life with Jesus while making meaningful and lasting connections for future summer camp experiences.

Our Approach


Create a baseline to evaluate and audit your current efforts to determine their effectiveness.


Determine the gaps and create the strategic roadmap to measure and hit your goals.


Implement the strategy over a 180 day period to measure what works, and streamline those factors to increase effectiveness.


Invest more resources into what’s most effective, and ensure results are consistent.


Determine an ascension plan as your organization continues to grow to improve these systems.

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