Crumbl Cookies

Company Profile

Crumbl Cookies is a nationwide cookie franchise company that offers over 200 flavors of cookies on a weekly rotation. Known for offering six deliciously gourmet flavors per week wrapped in an eye-catching pink box, Crumbl is available through in-store purchase, curbside pickup, delivery, and catering. Their mission: creating cookies for life’s meaningful moments with those who matter most.

Objective & Goals

In working together, our primary objective was to elevate and increase brand awareness for all Indiana Crumbl franchises through paid ad campaigns. Additionally, we aimed to highlight Crumbl’s catering services to maximize ROI for our digital advertising efforts, as catering yields the majority of sales for Crumbl within the November and December months.

Services We Offer

Onya Client Case Study Crumbl Cooking

Challenges & Opportunity

Crumbl approached our digital advertising agency with the aim of establishing a partnership between Onya and the Indiana Crumbl franchises, encompassing all 18 stores for mid-market advertising. Having experienced substantial growth from 300 stores to 900 stores in three years, the organization relied on national-level and local-level marketing tactics for its products, placing itself in a competitive position within an oversaturated market.

Recognizing the need for a shift, the Crumbl team partnered with Onya to test paid advertising within the digital landscape as a means to effectively advertise at the mid-market level.


The Onya team created a comprehensive campaign strategy focusing on “Meaningful Moments” with Crumbl – including capitalization on the catering services available. We started by crafting campaign assets that focused on the tagline “Cater Life’s Meaningful Moments”. Our responsibilities included developing ad copy and creative that was in alignment with the nationwide brand, securing approval from the corporate stakeholders.

To effectively target decision-makers for catering services, we narrowed the demographic to females aged 25-50 located in Indiana, with a top 25% income bracket, recognizing the luxury nature of the service. The campaign directed the audience to Crumbl’s catering page, allowing them to explore flavors and place orders directly from their mobile device.

In December, we updated the campaign creative to focus on holiday parties and catering holiday-themed events, exceeding expectations and generating significant engagement and awareness.

As we crafted campaign strategies for both Meta and Programmatic ad campaigns, we remained focused on our ability to achieve the following:

  1. Track the number of individuals that visited a physical Crumbl location after interacting with a paid ad in order to compare with their average order value and effectively measure ROI.
  2. Measure and drive traffic to specified Crumbl locations within the Indiana market.

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Programmatic Results






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