Hiring Campaign

How We Helped This Healthcare Company Hire 10 Roles Across 3 New States They Transitioned Into


  • To get prospective therapists to apply for openings as they expanded into 2 new states.
  • Grow exposure and credibility in those new markets
  • Engage highly qualified professionals within their job search

Company Profile

KidsCare Home Health is committed to providing the highest quality pediatric home health care services to children with special needs across the country. Their highly skilled team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and nurses provide personalized in-home care to children. Deeply rooted in the philosophy that excellence is achieved through continuous improvement, KidsCare Home Health is committed to offering our employees a stable, nurturing work environment, and to growing within the pediatric communities in the areas we service and beyond.

Kids Care Home Health came to Onya seeking a way to get prospective therapists in the door, but they also needed people on their side. That’s when Kids Care approached us to help expand into several new markets.

That’s why Kids Healthcare turned towards us when it came time for their expansion into new states – because that means more jobs- so what better than raising awareness?

Challenges & Opportunity

Though Kids Care Home Health maintained an established presence over their years of experience in the DFW area ranked as one of the top places to work in Dallas, there was one problem: expansion. The company needed to establish their presence in several different states to attract the same quality talent pool they had created in Dallas over the past several years.

That’s where we came into the picture. KidsCare knew that not only was it critical to target highly qualified professionals based on the nature of their work, they also knew messaging with what differentiated them as a company would be critical to their expansion.

Solution & Strategy

In order to ensure we attracted enough qualified talent, we enlisted interest targeting the specific roles coming open within both markets. We created two separate ad sets for each market, and respective creative for them both as well.

To ensure that the audiences were large enough to serve ads with a competitive enough bid, we ensured that we omit using any demographic targeting, and filtered through candidates through messaging instead.

Though the company’s creative team preferred to use more branded images with copy corresponding to the state hiring, we knew that showcasing the exceptional culture they created in the Dallas area would seamlessly attract more candidates. Therefore, we split test them both, with the organic type of company photos we suggested performing 4 times better than the branded graphics.

  • Create organic first ads to increase engagement on social
  • Showcase millennial employees in photos to avoid discrimination policies but attract new college graduates early in their career
  • Simplify copy to focus on impact
  • Narrow but broad enough targeting to increase traffic to page
Kids Care organic photo used for their hiring campaign.
The photo we suggested to use for the campaign
Creative they gave us to use for the campaign


Cost Per Click


Cost Per Mille


All roles filled within

8 weeks

The initial graphic was one suggested by the internal creative team, and had a .65% Link CTR, with our benchmark of success being 1%. Though it clearly called out the market, it lacked the culture that the company worked so hard to create.

To attract more millennials, we suggested the use of the above photo amongst others we curated, and added a filter that many millennials would use to edit their own photos to make the ad seem more organic. This post generated over 100+ likes and 20+ comments within the several days it went live, because it felt more native to the Facebook platform. Additionally, this approach prevented us from having to use a special ad category and avoid discrimination policies by placing the ads this way.

The copy variations we chose centered on the overall mission of the company, instead of selling the benefits. We knew to continue to attract a culture built upon impact, this hook would be the most effective, and simple to invoke action.


Ready to join a company built on the foundation of changing lives? KidsCare Home Health is hiring!

If you’re passionate about working with children, working on a great team, and ready for a career that invests in your future, it’s time to become part of KidsCare Home Health!

Learn more here → https://kidscarehomehealth.com/careers-overview/

"Such a courteous, professional experience. She exceeded my expectations!"
Dr. Kortney Baker
Owner, CEO and Founder

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