Giving Tuesday Campaign

How We Helped This Non-Profit Organization Engage Existing and New Donors for their Cause

Company Profile

kNot Today is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to generate awareness, initiate prevention strategies, and assist in the development of innovative healing programs for sexually abused and exploited children. By implementing prevention education in school programs, supporting prevention mandates with funding, and curating prevention partnerships, kNot Today is committed to protecting the beauty and innocence of every child.

kNot Today came to Onya with hopes of expanding its reach to the community, encouraging individuals to play their part in donating to the cause. Capitalizing on Giving Tuesday and donation matching, they wanted to share their mission and values through a clear marketing strategy to engage with intentional leads. That is where Onya stepped in.

Challenges & Opportunity

kNot Today faced several challenges before turning to Onya Marketing for assistance with their Giving Tuesday campaign. One of the major hurdles they encountered was reaching new potential donors. Despite their efforts, kNot Today struggled to expand their reach and attract a broader audience beyond their existing donor base. They needed a fresh approach to engage with individuals who were not yet familiar with their cause.

Another challenge they faced was encouraging repeat donations from past donors. While kNot Today had managed to secure contributions from previous supporters, maintaining their interest and commitment proved to be a daunting task. They realized the importance of re-engaging these donors and finding strategies to motivate them to contribute again.

However, amidst these challenges, Onya identified several opportunities that could potentially enhance their Giving Tuesday campaign. We saw the value of leveraging various channels such as blogs, emails, and social media platforms to disseminate their message effectively. Recognizing the need for attention-grabbing content, we aimed to develop campaign deliverables that would captivate their audience from the very beginning, utilizing hooks that would grab attention and hold the readers’ interest.

Moreover, we understood the power of emotional connection in driving action. We recognized the opportunity to create a campaign that would evoke emotions and forge a deeper connection with their audience. By leveraging these emotional connections and instilling a sense of accountability, we aimed to inspire individuals to support their cause. We crafted messages that leveraged emotional connection and held the audience accountable, ensuring that the campaign resonated deeply with potential donors.

Solution & Strategy

Onya’s first step in working alongside of kNot Today was to create a comprehensive marketing strategy, including the company’s mission, brand messaging, target audience demographic, current tactics, opportunities, and overall goals. Once we had a clear understanding of the nonprofit’s current marketing efforts, Onya began the creation of a paid advertising campaign that accurately and effectively represented the organization’s mission.

We began by creating campaign slogan ideas, playing off of the verbiage and wording that aligned with children-based activities. We aimed to create attention-grabbing hooks that would hold the audience accountable while leveraging an emotional connection to the campaign. Onya knew in order to increase engagement from the community, we had to press and agitate pain points and outcomes.

Onya then mapped out a clear campaign narrative, focusing on relevant statistics, the importance of children’s advocacy, and taking accountability for the safety and protection of children. This set the foundation for the creative and tactical execution of the campaign.

Onya took ownership of email, blog, and social copy creation, as well as strategic management and final proofing of the campaign deliverables. kNot Today took ownership of design and logistics, including video and graphic creation and scheduling.

kNot Today logo

Key Performance Indicators

Working together to execute this marketing strategy, we successfully ran three paid advertising campaigns that focused on engaging partners, existing donors, unengaged subscribers, parents, and educators with the ad. In order to track results and donation goals, we set the following KPIs:

Social Engagement Rate


Increase Social Following


Email Open Rate



As a result, the three campaigns that Onya executed exceeded our client’s expectations. Through high-quality creative and strong calls to action, kNot Today was able to exceed its goal by $5,000 for child advocacy and protection. kNot Today continues to generate awareness and fight for the protection of every child, making impactful strides toward a safer community.

Our Approach


Create a baseline to evaluate and audit your current efforts to determine their effectiveness.


Determine the gaps and create the strategic roadmap to measure and hit your goals.


Implement the strategy over a 180 day period to measure what works, and streamline those factors to increase effectiveness.


Invest more resources into what’s most effective, and ensure results are consistent.


Determine an ascension plan as your organization continues to grow to improve these systems.

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