Marketing Strategy

How Our Strategic Marketing Plan Elevated a Catering Company's Visibility among Brides-to-be

Company Profile

Nameless Catering, founded by Jeremy Brown, is a catering company that expanded into the niche of servicing wedding parties. Recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal and nominated for 40 under 40 in 2023, Jeremy and his team are known for providing ultimate convenience and high-quality food selections, allowing the focus to be on the bride and groom for their special day. Receiving 5 star reviews from both WeddingWire + The Knot Worldwide, the company is dedicated to offering the expertise needed to make catering seamless, easy, and delicious.

As one of Onya’s legacy clients who we have had the pleasure of working with since the very beginning, Nameless came to us originally to help assist them in expanding into wedding catering. Previously focusing on corporate events, the company had the desire to continue expanding its services into multiple markets, including wedding catering. This is where Onya came into play.

Challenges & Opportunities

Nameless Catering came to us with two main marketing goals – advertise their complimentary tasting events and increase the quantity of booked clients for wedding catering services. Our approach began with defining their ideal customers’ pain points, allowing us to share the value and solutions of Nameless’ services. Additionally, we analyzed Nameless’ marketing pain points in order to get to the root problem we needed to solve.

In doing so, we found that soon-to-be brides who had already committed to a wedding venue typically were required to use the venue’s selected caterer of choice. We also discovered that Nameless was experiencing successful pull for the catering side of their sales, but struggled to get in front of new brides to expand their sales funnel.

After gathering this information, Onya began creating a comprehensive marketing strategy to narrow and select a target audience, curate campaign ideas, and begin increasing new prospective brides to sell out catering tastings.

Solution & Strategy

Knowing that Nameless Catering’s ideal target audience consisted of soon-to-be brides within the Indianapolis and Louisville area, we agreed that the best approach was to focus digital marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook allowed outreach to the demographic of mothers of brides, whereas Instagram allowed Nameless to appeal to brides directly.

Onya then began working closely with Nameless’ team to showcase their services through unique creative, intentional copy, and engaging design. Our team curated an ad campaign to market Nameless’ tasting events – offering complimentary wedding-inspired meals for family and friends that allowed brides to test out a catering menu of their choice. We utilized organic photos of brides from previous tastings that showcased the overall experience to be expected at a tasting event.

Within the creative, Onya focused on capturing the aesthetic of desired weddings, providing clean and simple designs to support the ad campaign. The messaging copy was focused on appealing to brides by showcasing the feminine side of the brand while capitalizing on the convenience and quality of Nameless Catering.

In order to execute a soldout tasting event for Nameless, Onya created an organic event social media post that shared details about the tasting event. We then ran the post as a paid Facebook ad, integrating the ad with the Eventbrite link that Nameless was utilizing to book tasting events. We capitalized on targeting brides within the Louisville and Indianapolis area, which doubled the social proof of their existing audience. This increased brand awareness and professionalism for the brand by utilizing the social content organically while simultaneously running the post as an ad.


Clicks to the Ad




Click-Through-Rate, compared to the industry average of 1%


Goal of 100 tickets sold for the tasting event

118 tickets sold

As a result, the ad campaign created desired traction and instilled trust within the selected target audience. Nameless Catering’s goal for their tasting registration was 100 tickets sold. Onya exceeded that performance by obtaining 118 tickets sold for their catering event. Onya continues to work alongside Nameless Catering during their peak seasons of business to efficiently and effectively promote tasting events for brides across the Indianapolis and Louisville areas, resulting in continuous expansion and catering events for the company.

Our Approach


Create a baseline to evaluate and audit your current efforts to determine their effectiveness.


Determine the gaps and create the strategic roadmap to measure and hit your goals.


Implement the strategy over a 180 day period to measure what works, and streamline those factors to increase effectiveness.


Invest more resources into what’s most effective, and ensure results are consistent.


Determine an ascension plan as your organization continues to grow to improve these systems.

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