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The King’s University is an accredited, Spirit-empowered, evangelical university located in Southlake, Texas. TKU offers students complete educational experience by combining higher education with practical ministry experience within dynamic local churches. This complete educational experience prepares and equips students to serve in the local church, the marketplace, and around the world.

Objective & Goals

In working together, our objective was to drive qualified traffic through Meta Ads  to the university’s academic program applications for the DFW market.

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Challenges & Opportunity

When The King’s University first approached our digital advertising agency, their foremost concern was the need to significantly increase student enrollment. Facing the challenge of attracting prospective students in a competitive educational landscape, they were seeking a partner who could execute an effective marketing strategy to expand their reach to prospective students.

An increase in student enrollment goes beyond numbers; it signifies an impact on the university’s academic and institutional goals. Beyond the immediate results of lead generation, an uptick in enrollments means that the admissions team can stay on track and even surpass their annual objectives.

The goal was clear: to enhance the university’s visibility, engage potential students, and ultimately drive enrollment numbers upward. Our agency recognized this challenge and eagerly embraced the opportunity to help.


Our team set out and created a comprehensive campaign strategy focusing on two of their graduate programs: Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry.

The deliverable included content strategy, ad campaign creative ideas, ad copy, desired audience targeting, and KPIs for tracking campaign results. All of these were defined with action steps that helped our team execute the launch of these two campaigns. 

The two lead form campaigns we executed for our client were designed with distinct objectives tailored to their academic programs. For the Master of Divinity program, our primary goal was to generate a robust pool of prospective students interested in pursuing a graduate degree. For the Doctorate of Ministry program, we targeted a more niche audience, seeking to identify and engage individuals who were highly motivated and qualified for this advanced program.

By tailoring our strategies to the unique objectives of each campaign, we were able to effectively capture the attention and interest of prospective students, ultimately driving leads for both programs.

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In just three weeks of running targeting lead form campaigns, our team was able to generate impactful outcomes for our client.

For the Master of Divinity Program campaign, we generated a total of 24 high-quality leads at an average cost of $18.07 per lead, efficiently engaging prospective students interested in this program. For this campaign, a lead consisted of obtaining entrance term, campus, first name, last name, email, and zipcode of the prospective student. 

For the Doctorate of Ministry Program campaign, we secured 14 valuable leads at a cost of $30.97 per lead. For this campaign, a lead consisted of the same information, excluding campus.

These outcomes not only reflect the importance of expertise in crafting effective digital advertising strategies, but also driving tangible results resulting in increased enrollment. 

Our client continues to see exponential success with these ad campaigns driving new student enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.


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