Trader's Point Christian Church

Company Profile

Traders Point, founded in 1834, is one church in multiple locations around Indianapolis. With services offered in Northwest Indianapolis, Carmel, Downtown, Plainfield, Midtown, and Fishers, the team at Traders Point firmly exists to remove unnecessary barriers that keep people from Jesus. The organization firmly believes that Jesus is the only One who can change anyone, and He is available to everyone.

Objective & Goals

In working together, our objective was to drive in-person attendance for Traders Point Christmas Eve services through boosted engagement and awareness from tailored Meta ads.

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Challenges & Opportunity

Traders Point partnered with our digital advertising agency to accomplish one specific goal – to boost attendance for their Christmas Eve 2023 services. As a well-established organization with high attendance rates for weekly church services, the Traders Point team understood that there was an existing target audience to nurture. However, they wanted to expand their reach to individuals who were not as familiar with Traders Point, or who may not have even considered attending church around the holiday season.

Additionally, the Traders Point team came to us with two distinct campaign ideas they wanted to develop in partnership with our agency. The first, themed “Christmas at the Movies,” aligned with the message for the 2023 Christmas Eve services. The second aimed to boost physical attendance for Christmas Eve services, as Traders Point is known for typically offering services in person, as well as live streaming the services for more flexible attendance options.

This was when Onya began creating a comprehensive campaign strategy that would effectively target both audience segments leading up to the Christmas Eve services.


Our team set out and created a comprehensive campaign strategy to achieve two primary objectives for Traders Point, emphasizing the promotion of their “Christmas at the Movies” theme and increasing in-person attendance for the Christmas Eve services. This encompassed the development of a content strategy, precise ad copy, strategic audience targeting, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking and analyzing campaign results. Well-defined action steps were set in place to guide the successful execution of both campaigns.

In close collaboration with the Traders Point team, Onya ensured seamless alignment between our campaign assets and the creative content developed by Traders Point. To optimize outreach, we structured campaign assets into two distinct ad groups. The first ad group targeted individuals already engaging with Traders Point on their website or Facebook page, while the second ad group aimed at individuals yet to be introduced to the organization and its mission. This strategic approach addressed all stages of the marketing funnel, effectively nurturing individuals at various phases.

By tailoring our strategies to the unique objectives of each campaign, we successfully captured the attention and interest of prospective members, ultimately driving attendance across all Christmas Eve services.


In just three weeks of running targeting lead form campaigns, our team was able to generate impactful outcomes for our client. For the Master of Divinity Program campaign, we generated a total of 24 high-quality leads at an average cost of $18.07 per lead, efficiently engaging prospective students interested in this program. For this campaign, a lead consisted of obtaining entrance term, campus, first name, last name, email, and zipcode of the prospective student. For the Doctorate of Ministry Program campaign, we secured 14 valuable leads at a cost of $30.97 per lead. For this campaign, a lead consisted of the same information, excluding campus.

These outcomes not only reflect the importance of expertise in crafting effective digital advertising strategies, but also driving tangible results resulting in increased enrollment. Our client continues to see exponential success with these ad campaigns driving new student enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.


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