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How We Helped this Pharmaceutical Company Promote their New Service

Challenges & Opportunity

Williams Bros. Healthcare Pharmacy came to us in April of 2022 looking to continue to scale its marketing efforts. Being on the precipice of a new website rebranding their image and focusing on driving more sales online, they recognized the need for a partner to scale their efforts. Up until that point, the majority of their marketing efforts were simply to create exposure and consistency but needed a greater emphasis on strategy to prepare for future growth.

Williams Bros. approached us to truly find a partner that would be invested in their long-term growth, aspiring to find more than a vendor in their efforts. 

To begin, we focused on promoting their newer RX Delivery services. Considering one of the value propositions Williams Bros. presents is a family approach to making healthcare more personal, we believed promoting their delivery services would be an effective way to drive traffic to their new website.


Knowing their market consists heavily of Boomers, and Gen X and also trying to target and engage millennials, we focused on Facebook & Instagram. To further refine their geographical targeting, we worked closely with Williams Bros. to determine where they wanted their ads to be shown throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky which were locations near and around their store locations and within driving distance as well.
Recognizing women to be the primary decision-makers and go-to for family healthcare in this market, we focused on serving ads to women ages 30-65+. We knew from the data of past campaigns that the people interacting most with Williams Bros. ads were women 30-65+ and this also falls in line with the demographic they are trying to reach.

We then created several image and copy variations focused on utilizing their new branding with bright imagery to stop the scroll. To try and keep the messaging concise, we focused on the free RX delivery to get straight to the point, utilizing the mobile-friendly elements that showed this could be completed straight from a mobile device.

We also chose to test a video featuring a short testimonial showcasing the delivery to someone’s home, talking about how the patient waited hours at the pharmacy, while William Bros. delivered it the same day to their home.

Williams Bros. Case Study Campaign Development


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At the beginning of the campaign, we tested both graphics as well the customer testimonial video. While the other creative variations met expectations, the video exceeded expectations significantly enough for us to allocate the entirety of the budget here. 

Not only was this video producing great results, but people were actually sticking around to watch longer with 2,200 ThruPlays and 1,300 plays of at least 25% of the video.

The campaign continued to drive results and exceed client expectations throughout the lifetime of the campaign. Last year resulted in a significant increase in traffic overall and the company continued to grow. To date, we continue to partner with William Bros. on a variety of projects and are focused on quarterly campaigns aligning with their overall goals.

Ad Copy Variation 1: Is your to-do list a little too long for the day? Too long to even stop by the pharmacy?

We’ve made it simple for you to keep to your schedule without adding the hassle of coming into the pharmacy by providing you with RX Express, a FREE prescription delivery service. Call us today to receive quick and reliable delivery straight to your home.

Headline: RX Express FREE Prescription Delivery Service

Subheading: Enjoy free, same-day home delivery services on all your prescriptions.

Description: Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy is a trusted pharmacy for all of a community’s health care needs. With a family-centered approach, free compliance packaging, and free RX delivery, we help patients save time and actually feel better.

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“We started working with Onya a few months ago and they have been a tremendous asset to our team. They have brought a fresh perspective to our digital marketing efforts and have helped drive conversions and leads to our website. I'd recommend Ashley, Lauren & the team to anyone.”
Scott Sell
Business Development Manager

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