What’s A Buyer Persona And How Can You Use It For Your Business

What’s A Buyer Persona And How Can You Use It For Your Business

What’s A Buyer Persona And How Can You Use It For Your Business

Trying to depict an ideal customer that fits your business might seem fairly simple. Many more aspects go into the creation of this persona than point-blank. Your buyer persona is a depiction of the ideal customer. It is based on qualitative and quantitative data, market research, and things we know about existing customers. 

Learning how to create a good buyer persona can help in many aspects of a business. It can be helpful for product development teams in creating product diagrams to connect to the needs of audiences. Marketing teams also benefit from creating a buyer persona for growth strategies and tactics. 

Marketing your business to your ideal buyer is one of the most beneficial uses of creating a buyer persona. While marketing in the past used billboards and newspapers not being able to curate their advertisements to a certain type of person, we’re in a new era where we’re able to share our business with a generalized group of people. 

How To Create A Buyer Persona

  • The basics- you’ll want to make some basic assumptions about your persona such as their gender, age, location, family status, level of education, level of income, and you can even come up with a name. You can find this information from existing customer profiles, analytics teams/tools as well as market research.
  • Professional status- give the persona a job title, industry, and job level (manager, professional, specialist, etc.). You can find this data from existing customer interviews or site forms as well as internal teams like sales, customer support, etc.
  • Psychographics- Write down the type of professional goals your persona has as well as personal goals. Along with this, you would want to write down some beliefs and values your persona has. These can be found through interviews, Q&A, and more.
  • Influences- What does your buyer spend most of their time on… Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? What influencers and events does your buyer follow along with? 
  • Purchasing process- You must know the type of buyer you’re selling to. Do they buy an item quickly, or do extensive research before purchasing a product? Are they committed to the brands they buy from and will they stick around? It’s also important to know what will keep your buyer from buying your product. 

The hardest part of creating your buyer persona is finding out where to get this information to be able to create the most accurate and reliable model possible. This can be done by creating polls for your customers to fill out. Interviews are another great way to gain information from your customers and can be given through email or in person. It can even help to give incentives to the people that share their ideas such as gift cards, early access, and deals on new products. 

If you want a successful business you must need a buyer persona. Learning how to make accurate buyer personas is a good skill to grow a business and the more accurate the persona, the more helpful it’ll be to market your products. Learning what information your persona must include as well as where to find it is extremely important in marketing to your customers and will be beneficial in the future of your business. Now that you have the blueprint, it’s time to go make that buyer persona!


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